Bruteforce EM-Marin 2 bytes

I would like to know if the ability to brute force the 2 bytes that aren’t printed in the EM-Marin tags is something that is considered to be added in the future to flipper capabilities.

EM4100’s unique code is 5 bytes long. Sometimes you can find it on the card itself. The unique code may be written both as a decimal or in hex. Flipper displays the code in hex, however, EM-Marin cards usually just have the 3 lower bytes written on them, and not the full 5-byte number. If there is no way to read them from the card, the other 2 bytes can be brute-forced.

Basically all readers sound an error code when they read an incorrect card for about 1-3 seconds. Brute-forcing those 2 bytes would (optimistically) take at least 15 hours, so adding this feature would be impractical to say the least.