Bringing Flipper Zero through airport security

Hello everyone,

I’m planning to travel soon and I’m a bit concerned about bringing my Flipper Zero through airport security. I know that many people didn’t have any problem, but I’ve read that Brazil recently banned these devices, and I’m worried that I may encounter problems with TSA when I try to bring it with me on my trip.
Has anyone had any experience with bringing their Flipper Zero through airport security recently? Do you think it’s safe to bring it with me, or should I leave it at home to avoid any problems?

It is difficult to give a clear answer. I have traveled trough Europe with my travel dishes … After 3,5 years I wasn’t allowed to take it in the plane.

Regarding the flipper, search for TSA here and get: Will Flipper make it past TSA?

I’ve heard of colleagues, who wasn’t allowed to take the Laptop on the plane, because it booted a BSD without X and the TSA people thought the 2nd accu could be a bomb…
Fact: The TSA wins any discussion about tech equipment.

I’d hide it deeply inside the bags and hope it won’t show up on X-ray too visibly. But even then it is plausible that officer doesn’t recognize as a banned device - in particular, it looks like a toy and not a hacker’s tool-chain. If you can, get/make a case to hide the “Flipper” string and colors.

I’m no flying expert but this sounds like the wrong approach to me. When something is packed away strangely it draws attention. I’d pack it with other electronic devices like phone chargers where it fits in. IIRC a PCB stands out on an X-ray anyhow.