Bricked Flipper

My flipper zero has been bricked for two days now. Ive tried all of the help sheets from Flipper Zero and nothing happens. The only thing that works is the little light flashes orange extremely fast after I hold the back arrow and center button. PC wont recognize the device is connected. Any help is wanted and appreciated.

Can you record a video of you entering your device into hardware DFU (BACK+OK for 30s) and connecting it to qFlipper?

I can but the only thing that happens is the status light flashes fast in a orange color. qflipper doesn’t even recognize it and it’s not recognized on my pc plugged into any of my USB ports.

Yes, please do record a video of that

My videos it says the files are too large. Can I send them by discord or email?

Can you upload it to Dropbox/Google drive and drop a link here?