Bricked Flipper after discharging


I received my flipper last week and it was working great, however, I left it in my room over the weekend and when I came back it was dead. Tried charging it since the battery was low last time I used it but nothing happened, I already used different cables and power sources but nothing.

I’ve been trying every possible solution I’ve found with no luck, can’t even set it to DFU mode. I’m not sure if this is a hardware problem since it charged the first time and the usb port was working fine.

Any help?


The same here. I thought it was turned off, but when I picked it up today, it would not do anything anymore. When I connect it to power over USB nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated!


Contact Flipper support. Responses here are very slow.

Sent them a video of my issue like three days ago and haven’t had an answer yet :frowning:

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They’re also really backlogged with all the shipping issues and demand for this device, but probably a much quicker response that way. Unless someone outside flipper dev comments here with a fix