Bluetooth jammer

Has anybody tried to do a Bluetooth jammer? Are there any docs on the APIs one could use to achieve that?

you would need to send continiously on all the channels used by BT. This would also annoy your wifi using friends as they are in the same area (at least the 2.4GHz networks)

Indeed! I’m well aware. My point is more “where do I start?”.

I do understand there’s a bunch of bands that I’ll need to cover: Is Bluetooth less susceptible to jamming than wifi? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Bluetooth jamming is probably not possible with our radio-stack.

Can you share what makes you believe that? What would it take to make it possible?

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Basically, our radio stack doesn’t give us any direct control over the physical communication layer. We can only give the proprietary BLE co-processor the data that we need to send, and the co-processor itself will handle how it’s being sent, and you can’t do jamming unless you have direct control.

For more you can read the ST note on STM32WB radio stacks

I see! I was fearing something would be gating the radio.

Thank you for the confirmation and the technical details! :slight_smile:

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Do you think that’s something that could be added into the flipper zero down the road on a different flipper zero? That would be a very cool feature, but really only worth it if it could do 5ghz 2.5 is commonly less used it would be a cooler feature for WiFi!!

ESP32 BlueTooth might be your (best) option but then you would have to add/connect it by using the gpiopins.