Bluetooth capabilities

Is there a way to record and replay a BT transmission?


I have a car that has a custom chip on the ECU with BT capabilities. I connect to that chip with an android app. The app can turn on and off several features on the chip.

I would like to use the Flipper to record those commands and replay to the chip without having to use the Android phone.

Is it posisible?

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No, there’s no way to do that. Flipper Zero doesn’t have BT to begin with, only BLE (those are very different, even though they share the Bluetooth name). And to add to that, it has a very limited radio-stack that only allows it to be a client device for your phone, and pretty much nothing else.

Also, most BT communications are encrypted and timestamped, and require different responses and checksums even with the same payloads, so even if replaying them would be technically possible, it won’t work.