Block Signals

If we can send frequencies, is it possible to send frenquecy to “block” another frequency and create interference for the action does not work?
Sry for my English, I’m French, and community for Flypper was extremely small :upside_down_face: and I try new experimentation in France.

this functionality is not legal and it is not in the flipper support


It’s out of support but possible. You can find 433 MHz blocking subs for example, I use those to block a**holes parking on parking lots for disabled people.
But hopefully I will never be busted, there are not so nice penalties in doing things like this

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Okai, we have same problem in France… Thx for you answer, I go search more info for EU (Or this is the same MHz in EU?)

Living in Germany. Might bei same freqs in france.

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