"Blaster" Functionality?

Does anyone have a code file that will rapidly transmit dozens/hundreds of power codes?I would like to have the option to “power off” a room full of different branded devices simultaneously, such as annoying displays blaring ads or other infomercial crap in a waiting room. Thanks!

You’re talking about a TVBegone. I have one and have tried to read it, but there does not, as yet seem to be a function to just do a raw read with manual start and stop recording times. Currently, Flipper wants to just grab a little chunk of the pulse sequences. If we had a manual start, and a manual stop for recordings, I could just record the whole transmission. Basically, it’s just a long lookup table full of pulse sequences. As in about 2+ minutes of pulse sequences. I wonder if a read raw recorder could be added to the IR module.

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There is an app under Infrared > Universal Library > TVs > TV Remote which I think may be similar to what you are looking for? When you select power on/off it goes through a significant number of codes and you can select cancel to stop it from blasting if what you want powered on/off is already done. It can also control volume up/down and channel up/down. I see this functionality in release 0.58.1.


This is literally what the Power button in the universal remote app does


Awesome, looking forward to trying it out. However, I’m still wondering if a Read RAW recorder similar to the RF functions could be implemented? Please? Very pretty please? Knockout, drop-dead gorgeous please?

You can already record RAW infrared signals, just use the learn function


The problem here is that Flipper stops after a recognized signal or a pause in raw, and what OP wanted is manual start/stop and continuous even dumber recording (BTW, +1 on that).