Battle System

I think there should be a battle system between Flipper.
Similar to Digimon or Digivice.


This is an awesome idea! Would love it to also have it so we can battle other people with another Flipper Device! Or maybe have a built in mini game where Flipper can battle cyber related stuff for upgrades (sort of similar to that Pokemon step counter a while back. Where you were able to do small scale pokemon battles)


Thanks, Captain!
We’ll try our best to make the tamagochi mode as funny as possible, though we are focused on the main firmware features at this point.


Sounds like a huge timesink for an Independent software developer to make. Just battling alone would be a good week worth of coding. With all the sensors why not take it a step further?
Collect creatures from wifi ssid and mac address(unique weekly)
Gather resources from rfid and ir reads( unique daily)
Train via energy which is tied into the above and refreshes over time.


Yeah totally! I had suggested something like this. Made a reference to the Scannerz toy

Gotta be honest. First thing I thought was “Megaman Battle Network”.


You could probably do something like the link cable (for the gba) using a module with a cable to another.