BadUSB / Rubber Ducky against Android?

I’ve been enjoying playing with Rubber Ducky scripts against Windows but just tried to play around with some against Android and running into some errors.

The ‘ENTER’ keyword is generating an error. Has anybody encountered this? Anybody have any particular BadUSB projects that they have been playing with?

The problem is that you need your file to have EOL Conversion set to LF not CRLF which is windows converison. you need LF unix for the flipper to read the file correctly. You can change this in a text editor like notepad++

“you need LF unix for the flipper to read the file correctly”

That makes perfect sense. Thanks. And it seems like it is actually the target device that matters. I have had no issues with ENTER and other BadUSB commands when targeting Win machines. But targeting an Android would def flip the *nix bit. I have about three notepad++ style editors. I’m sure I can find one that will let me switch between LR/CRLF.

I have been playing with the PuTTY connection and have launched a bunch of apps and moved files around within the /ext storage space. But haven’t figured out how to upload a file from Windows file system to the /ext storage space. So I have just been unmounting microSD and switching back and forth for updates. PITA, but not prohibitive. Any tips would be appreciated.

Yeah same problem. there needs to be a way to set files to the flipper without removing the sdcard from the slot all the time. It is annoying. It would be great to have that feature from gflipper software.


You might find this helpful CLI Command Line Interface Examples

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Pardon me if y’all have already seen this, but I’ve been using this version of qFlipper that has a filesystem built in for my BadUSB shenanigans! It’s mentioned in the Bad USB Ducky payload Tips thing if you want more info, and should be more convenient.