Bad USB Ducky Payload Tips

  1. You can get tons of fun bad USB ducky script payloads here.
  2. Load them to a micro SDcard in folder badusb and make sure the are saved as a .txt file.
  3. If you are writing payloads on windows for the badusb you need to make sure EOL Conversion is set to LF Unix in your text editor and not windows CR LF. If you do not it will fail to run the payload. I use Notepad++ as my text editor on windows machines.
  4. If you get a failure on your payload then look at the flipperzero screen as it will give you the line that it failed on in the payload which is really helpful for trouble shooting bugs.
  5. Ducky Script Quick Reference
  6. There are 2 example payloads in the firmware one for Windows and one for Mac that you can also look at for ideas and key commands.



is there not a way for me to copy my scripts via a windows computer (without having to remove my sd card from flipper)?

or use the qflipper to copy?

or the android device (which i have yet to get working)?

Yeah that us the only method I have found so far which is a pain for testing ducky paylaods for sure. I have seen something with CLI and putty but really its even more of a pain then the SD card.

Connect Flipper to PC
Open Putty
click serial
Connect to flipper COM port at 115200 speed
type Help to display commands.

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qflipper version with file browser… DO NOT UPDATE this version yet to keep the file browser function

looks awesome but that file does not exist.

That’s a bummer. I might try putty for giggles. Thnx!

Here ya go:


Frickin’ beautiful!! Many thanks!!

eta: to be clear, this is using ForCom5’s link:
Here ya go:



This file manager is great thanks this saves so much time. Please add this to the official version as soon as you guys get the chance.


how do i add this to my flipper or qflipper?

Download the qflipper build using the link above

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There’s also, works in browsers supporting WebUSB (e.g. Chrome)


cool stuff but I do not see a write file feature to the Flipper in the WEBUSB tool. That is a much needed feature to be very useful.

I think they may support transferring files via Bluetooth at some point in the future. The mobile app gives me hope at least, the remote control via BT in the app is awesome.