App on F-Droid?

Hi there!

Actually curious about trying the flipper, my first question is about why does the app isn’t on F-droid? Is the app free and open source really?

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It is in the F-Droid store. Maybe your device did not show it because of compatibility.

Good day,
The app is in fdroid for a few days. I succesufuly installed from there.

And Fdroid says: “ANTI-FEATURES: This app tracks and reports your activity.”

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This Anti-Feature is applied to apps that track you and/or report your activity to somewhere, either without your permission or by default (i.e. you’d have to actively seek out an option to disable it).

Examples of where this Anti-Feature might be applied:

  • Sending crash reports without your knowledge or permission
  • Checking for updates without your knowledge or permission

Examples of where it would not be applied - any of the above, if the functionality is opt-in (i.e. you are asked before it happens) and disabled by default. Enabling it should then also require informed consent, i.e. requiring a privacy policy similar to GDPR, and avoid collecting personal data (PII) as far as possible.

Note that frequently app tracking is implemented using proprietary software, e.g. Google Analytics or Flurry. Apps containing these proprietary libraries will not be found in the F-Droid repo.

Ok! My bad!

I’ve just upgrade app list, and its now here! Don’t really anderstand… but thanks for your fast reply!