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App for SailfishOS

With the good news from the App for Apple platforms thread (Protobuf over BLE), i’m really coming around to the idea of creating at least a basic companion app for SailfishOS. However; getting it to be fully featured and well maintained will as with anything else depend on a community. So basically i’m just leaving this here as a “poke me if you had a similar idea and want to collaborate”.

I just learned about SailfishOS existence, but I can read on there website:

Sailfish OS is compatible with the Android ecosystem in both application and hardware adaptation levels, i.e. Android apps can be used in Sailfish OS

Do you think there’s the need for a different app from Android? It’s more to work on, maintain and it looks like the Android apk could get the job done.

If no, could you dive deeper?

Unfortunately yes, as the Android runtime on SailfishOS des not allow Bluetooth access. Things like audio work, but via the underlying OS, whereas low-level access does not.

Interesting. (I guess is a good thing)

I’ll take a look at the SDK and Devtools.

It is very niche as the suportes devices are so small.

Do you know the project for long time? Is it expanding?

I was expecting it to be available for more devices.

It’s a mixed blessing.
Developing against BLE is probably not very well documented, but people are doing it.
I’ve been a user since the launch in 2013, my impression is that the last year or two has seen an influx of regular users as people get tired of being spied on and advertised to.
I mainly stick around for the UX… clean, unobtrusive and with gestures instead of tiny buttons to hit.
The rest is mainly a nice bonus in my book…

Given how poorly mainlined the kernels for most devices are, each port/adaptation is quite a bit of work. But it seems things are improving, little by little.

I will definitely keep an eye on the project, but looks to me that it will be hard to justify building for it. The universe of that OS users that have a flipper should probably be only you or one or two more people. :frowning:

I would dig into it happily but I need to get a device and there aren’t that much options, and also I have many projects in hands. Hard to justify.

Respect on that project and hope it gets larger!