Antispy Module

Hello everyone. I am interesting in option to use Flipper Zero as antispy solution, for bug hunting and looking for strange device. Is it possible, and maybe some firmware versions are available already to use Flipper as analog of Raksa-120 or alternative devices. Do you have any links where it will be possible to understand similar capabilities for Flipper Zero?

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Hm, maybe community users can write some modules for CC1101 to this, but I’m not sure the bandwidth of this chip is enough for such task.

If the chip can’t handle it couldn’t u do what Nintendo did for star fox on the Super Nintendo when they added a chip to the game in order to have 3D graphics. So basically add a chip to the module for more bandwidth?

The device has already entered production, so there’s maybe a 0~1% chance of onboard hardware changes at this point, and even then, that estimate is for product-critical issues that impede usage, not adding extras.
Adding extra hardware that isn’t key for standard usage at this stage would blow the budget and sink the project entirely (this statement is based on what backers have been told about the hardware timeline and budgeting for it).

If the aim is for additional processing resources, then you’d have to look into whether or not that can be added via an external community-made hardware module (which will interface via GPIO).