Antenna selection

So, this is more broadly a post about antenna selection. It seems like the range of the various antennas will be the limiting factor when it comes to unexpected frequencies and protocols, no? I just wanted to point out this guy (who I found via his defcon talk on youtube):

He designs and builds some very interesting antennas, some of which have very broad ranges, and while a lot of his go into ranges far higher than the flipper is looking at, he might very well be able to design just the right antenna(s) that can allow the flipper to comfortably cover the entire range that it’s radio chip supports?

Anyway, just thought the flipper team, and the community here would appreciate (I am unaffiliated).


I’ve been pondering much of the same. It seems like there are a large number of devices that could be tinkered with if there was more of a true range. I’m super interested in combining as many practical functions into a Flipper device as possible - kinda like a master controller/backup.