Antenna Pinouts

I love the product. I do alot of sdr research and want to add an sma connection for the antennas that do 300Mhz to 900Mhz. This would allow me to change antennas for different needs. I have (its ok) disassembled one of my flippers and found the 4 antenna pads. Is it possible to get a guide to what each antenna is used for. Iam not looking to modify the 125khz or the 13.56. Just going to add an sma attachment.

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The board in the picture is the RFID board, not the SubGHZ board. The subGHZ antenna and chip are on the other board.

Could you not add the functionality that you want as a module using the GPIO pins?

Found it it thank you.

No we need to attach to the antenna input. Found the subgig antenna and im mounting sma adaptor to it. Ill send pics when done.
Found the spot so should be good.

the internal antenna is not just connected there, but is coordinated with the transmitting path, you can’t just hang an external antenna just like that, it can work much worse


You should use the GPIO instead of destroying your equipment…

hello, did you succeed?

I’ve been watching I’m also curious… no success?