Ansonic Remote SF 433-1 Mini/M 434 MHz Group C

Did anyone have luck replaying / emulating an Ansonic Handsender SF 433-1 Mini/M 434 MHz Gruppe C, which should operate at 434.075 MHz? It is used for boom gates.

It’s sold for example at Ansonic SF 433-1 Mini 434 MHz Gruppe C | kompetenter Fachhandel |

There is a (German) manual:
Ansonic_RUKU_Anleitung.pdf (524.9 KB)

and where is the RAW recording of the transfer?

Thank you!
I’ve tried several recordings I made:

SCW Schranken RAW.sub (19.7 KB)
SCW Schranke 1.sub (6.3 KB)
SCW Schranke 2.sub (25.6 KB)
SCW Schranke 3.sub (13.0 KB)

Your frequency is most likely incorrectly set. what is written on the board, and a photo of the chambers from 2 sides in good resolution will not hurt … also make records of 5+ clicks on 1 and the same button. I think it will be possible to add this protocol, but as we get the correct entry, we will need more entries with different switch positions and we will also add their display

Awesome! Thanks a lot! It would be really amazing to have that decoded!

This is my (default) config:

This was the frequency:


And the signal:


Yielding this sub:

SCW Schranke x5.sub (21.0 KB)

What other combinations would you like?

ideally you need exactly 434.075

I can’t enter exact frequencies to do a “Read RAW” on my Flipper, can’t I?

add frequency to user_settings frequency 434075000

Awesome, I didn’t know you can do that! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Here you are:
SCW Schranke x5.sub (18.3 KB)

something is bad (, the signal is “lit” last attempt. you can write the signal and move 2 meters away with the remote control from the flipper. or even FM modulation is used there

I recorded from a distance in AM and FM now:

SCW Schranke x5 2m FM.sub (155.4 KB)
SCW Schranke x5 2m AM.sub (30.2 KB)

so you have a wireless temperature sensor) and the flipper captures it normally. what say the flipper is working fine, I will also be interested in the signal from this sensor, we have support for “GT-WT03” but no support for “GT-WT02”

but we are more interested in this… (FM238)

Ah sorry, it sends in 1min intervals (I opened another topic at GT-WT02 Temp/Hum Weather Station).
Do you need another recording for the ansonic sf-433?

And yes, the Flipper works fine. I can raw-capture, decode signals and replay signals successfully for other devices! :wink:

well, I saw it earlier) we’ll add a weather station too.
This protocol is very similar to NICE Flo. 12 bit… it would be nice if YOU made recordings with all switches off, on, and only 1 and 3 checked
only 1,3,5,7,…
only 2,4,6…

2, 4, 6, …: that was the last FM one

here’s the rest:
SCW Schranke x5 1-3-5-7-9.sub (110.8 KB)
SCW Schranke x5 all-off.sub (106.3 KB)
SCW Schranke x5 all-on.sub (136.5 KB)
SCW Schranke x5 only-1-3.sub (108.6 KB)


check the reception and correct display of the switches. shave attention to 8,9,10 switches. also check transmission

You are amazing! I answered in the GitHub PR.

does this work with a real receiver?

The boom didn’t move with my two sub-files… :grimacing: