Another "stuck in DFU" hassle

Like a couple of other folks, my Flipper seems to be stuck in DFU Update & Recovery Mode.

I tried a normal reboot, full recovery mode, and the repair function on qFlipper. The mobile app is not letting me connect.

When repairing it in qFlipper it gets pretty far but ultimately fails; it exits recovery mode and says “setting region data”, but then the entire application closes rather abruptly, and I’m essentially back to square one. The Flipper Zero is still in that DFU mode.

qFlipper-20230129-233220.txt (19.2 KB)

I sent an e-mail to support, but figured I’d cover my bases by asking here too. Any help is appreciated.

A probably redundant shot of the mobile app not connecting:

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The best advice I can give is to try a different SD card. I strongly doubt that’s the cause based on the log you provided but it’s worth trying as a hail Mary.

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