Android app incorrectly states that my Flipper is on the latest firmware version

I’ve been toying around with my Flipper and decided to check if there’s a firmware update. I noticed that an Android app was released, so I figured I’d try checking for updates via that app, and noticed some odd behavior regarding how it determines if there’s an available update.

After connecting my Flipper to my phone via Bluetooth, the Flipper app states that I’m on the latest firmware version with 0.55.1, despite the website stating that 0.58.1 is the latest stable version.

However, if I plug my Flipper into my computer and start up qFlipper, it correctly reports that there’s an available update for my Flipper.

Here are screenshots of both the Android app running on a Pixel 6 Pro on Android 12 alongside the qFlipper desktop app running within Pop!_OS 22.04

Just noticed this as well: If I go into the app’s options menu and enable “Ignored version in updater”, the app will show that an update to 0.58.1 is available. If I disable that option, it goes back to thinking that 0.55.1 is the latest version.