Amiibo Emulation

I see flipper zero now has NFC coming, will it be able to emulate Amiibos? Thanks!

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I imagine someone will write support for it at some point but it is too early to say if it will have this capability in february.

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Also asked here

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Well, as far as I see it should

Amiibos require some of the ntags bytes be locked, so it depends if Flipper will be able to emulate those locked bits.

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Perhaps it will be possible to clone amiibos with the clone NFC function, right? or it would require an specific hardware?

Possibly. I’ve tried to find a way myself to emulate amiibo tags to a device but couldn’t figure it out. The only device i know that can emulate amiibo is the power tag, and i have no idea how the power tag does it. It definitely should be able to clone amiibo as long as it can clone n215 tags you’ll just need a small supply of them since they’re read only once you write an amiibo to them

you can emulate amiboos with an android phone now too

What? How do you do it?

You can emulate Amiibo with Proxmark3 easy but proxmark3 took different approach compared to flipper zero.

Flipper zero uses TRF7970A to implement NFC function but Proxmark3 easy uses FPGA to implement NFC. Thus, proxmark3 is much more flexible(software(?) defined NFC) compared to Flipper zero’s one(hardware backed NFC)

Direct Mode 0 "Raw RF Sub-CarrierData Stream on the TRF7970A can emulate an Amiibo, so it should be possible. There are also apps to do this on an Android phone

Looks like there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to Amiibo spoofing.

Most of the solutions on offer are to write the amiibo to a rfid tag that you supply. I want to straight up emulate the amiibo itself. No tag.