Allow transmitting 303.866/303.875 for Ceiling Fan

My Flipper can detect Ceiling Fan remote as CAME 12bit on frequency 303.87 AM
FCC ID shows it is 303.866 (
Remote: Minka-Aire Hand-Held Remote Control System - RCS213

But when I try to send it, it shows that it is not allowed in my region.

Can you please allow this frequency for US region?

Edit: Some other frequencies for Fans in US:

I made a similar post a while ago, here’s the response I got from @Astra :

The restrictions will not be removed in the official firmware, as I said, doing that is illegal and will result in flipper being banned from sales in the US and other regions with such restrictions.

We can’t help you with this, you can’t transmit on some frequencies because of US laws.

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