After trying flipper on my tv, the tv blacks out

I tried playing around with the flipper on my Hisense tv now the tv will come on with the tv remote but flashes between the start screen and a black screen and will cut off. So basically the tv no longer works. Is there a way to reverse this?

I would do a hard power cycle. Unplug the TV and plug it back in.

Maybe your flipper did send some code that placed the TV in some sort of service mode ? What exactly have you done with flipper to brick the TV ? Universal remote or did you use something else ?

First there is a possibility that the TV broke because of something else and it’s not flipper related.


Hisense uses NECextended so MAYBE you were playinh with universal remote of flipper and some code placed the TV in special service mode like burn-in or refresh mode.

For example on SAMSUNG one would issue INFO+FACTORY+FACTORY and the TV would be in refresh and even if you power off/on you can’t remove that service mode unless ypu issue FACTORY again.

So … TURN ON the TV with it’s remote and do EXACTLY THE SAME THAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH FLIPPER. With luck you will hit the same command to revert the status.

For example on old BEKO and even on Pionner the “factory” command it’s just an un-used command on the protocol it uses so if that is the case with Hisense it will revert the change (i don’t have the Hisense service remote so i can’t confirm) but you can try it out …

Does the TV stay powered on when you press the power on the remote ? Maybe you did activate some sort of test pattern. Does the TV shuts down by itself ? If so you will have trouble sending commands with flipper to revert a possible test mode

Also if the TV doesn’t stay on try to enter service mode :

Switch off your TV using your Hisense Remote power button.
Now press the buttons in the following manner to enter service mode.
Press Info Button >> Menu Button >> Mute Button >> Power Button
In service mode you can use the Options, Control Debug options.

If it does show the menu try to power off/on. DON’T MAKE CHANGES ON SERVICE MENU, YOU WILL BORK THE TV FOR GOOD.

This sounds like like a normal smart TV malfunction to me. 99% of the time a hard power reset takes care of the issue. For instance many experience regular freezes exiting the Plex app on Roku TVs. I suspect the Flippers involvement is coincidental.

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Yeah… Most likely it was.

I can turn on the tv and if I hit the menu button I can navigate through the settings, and I even did a factory reset, but as soon as the Home Screen comes up that’s when the tv will start flashing and sometimes cut off.

I’ve done the hard reset and it still does the same thing. Now I did plug my firestick in to the hdmi port and was able to start a show and it played for a little while before the tv just cut off.

Also when I was in the advanced settings I noticed this which I’m not sure if this is normal or not.

That does seem unusual. I would post your issue to a TV specific forum. Perhaps someone is familiar with the issue.