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Adding an external antenna connector

Greetings to the developers!

I would also like to add an SMA-male connector as an interface to the device for the ability to connect an external Wi-Fi antenna. For example, directional or more powerful. Really necessary thing in the field.

In order not to have to modify the device like this

The project is really interesting and I wish you good luck in achieving the goal!

I can’t imagine how to add SMA connector to Flipper without making it terrible looking.

May be you are right. But this is really necessary feature.

Ok, tell me please, is there Bluetooth antenna on the Flipper? Is it use Wifi antenna or self?

And how can i use external wifi antenna? Connect wifi adapter over usb and use external antenna with it?


Flipper Zero charges and transfers data with a micro-usb / usb type-c cable. So, you could probably use an OTG Y Cable (like on android phone). The drivers are just needed to be installed for the WiFi Adapter. Then you can add any external antenna to the adapter you like.

I’ll agree that an SMA connector would be ugly.

How about using a miniaturized coax connector such as IPEX? If I understand correctly, you can add an SMA adapter to that for cheap. I don’t know what kind of impact that has on the RF performance though.

I’m completely clueless when it comes to RF design, though, so let me know if this idea makes no sense.

I think we can add u.fl connector on pcb, and if user want external antenna, it can drill the case and connect whatever they need.

Yes. Adding Ipex (u. fl) connector on pcb will be great and good enough. Thankx!!