Add new garage door remote via learning mode


I want to add the Flipper as a new remote by putting the garage door into learning mode. I know how to do the garage door part, but I can’t get it to recognise the signal sent by the Flipper.

Doing a read gives:

KeeLoq 64bit
433.92 AM
Key: 1E1...
Hop: 0x3B...
Cnt: 00000
Btn: 2
MF: Unknown
Sn: 0x0030...

The remote chip has HCS301 which is also KeeLoq.

As far as I can tell DoorHan_433 is the only manual setting that is 433Mhz and Dynamic - but that doesn’t seem to work.

Appreciate any help in the right direction. Thanks.

Generally, you need a piece of brand-specific secret data to do significant things with KeeLoq. Try doing a read raw with the same frequency and modulation and replaying it. Depending on your system, it may either open it, do nothing or break it (unlikely, but observed).

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