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433 only or full 300-928 Mhz band?

It’s written on the KS page that the radio supports 300-928 MHz, then on the picture only three frequency are given (315,433 and 868), and on this website, only 433 Mhz is indicated.
So, what is finally planned for this?

And linked question, I was wondering if LoRa would be supported on it. (on the hardware side, the software may have to be made later)
I checked on the CC1101 datasheet and it seems compatible… :slight_smile: Does anyone else confirm?

Where did you found that CC1101 is compatible with LoRa modulation? It has same frequency, but not special modulation, used in LoRa.

Oh, I didn’t checked the modulation in the datasheet, only the frequencies…

I also found this:
But despite the name “LORA” it’s not clear if they are really doing LoRa or just something “technically better” as they said…