13.56 Mhz HID iCLASS, Corp1000 Wiegand format cards

Can flipper read or emulate HID iCLASS and Corp1000 cards? They are 13.56mhz. I attempted to read several using the NFC app on flipper and none of them were readable.

I have a Keyscan 1K card that I was able to successfully read with NFC, but when emulating the card, my reader does not detect flipper.


Re iClass:

The flipper firmware can’t do it yet, but it should be doable, looks like proxmark3 can: https://github.com/RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3/blob/master/doc/cheatsheet.md#iCLASS My iClass cards show up in the flipper as generic ISO 14443A cards, so it should be a matter of adding HID’s protocol.

Note that this is just for legacy iClass (not iClass Seos or iClass SE, which have actual encryption)

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Work in progress: https://twitter.com/aguynamedbettse/status/1529170304601206784